Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus!
Thank you for visiting with us here at Faithful Servants International Ministries, Inc.
We are a mission organization unapologetically committed to the winning of souls to
Jesus Christ.  We have several ministries through which we reach out to people.  
Please browse through and see what the Lord is doing in Uganda East Africa.
Medical Bush Clinics
Hospital Ministry
School Clinic
Child Sponsorship
Prison Ministry
Short Term Trips
About Us
International Staff
Evangelism is the
heartbeat of Faithful
Servants International
Pastor Conferences
& Ladies Conferences
are a great way to
disciple the people.
Medical clinics held in
the rural or "bush"
areas are a great way to
get the Gospel out.
Three Hospital Ministries
are a wonderful way to
help many who are
suffering and dying.
Through the child
sponsorship program
$20.00 per month can
change a child's life.
We have three ministers
who go into three prisons
every Sunday to hold
church services.
Faithful Servants
Christian Primary School
is a product of the Child
Sponsorship Program.
Volunteers who come
for 10 - 14 days are an
important part of the
ministry in Uganda.
We now have a medical
clinic at our school with a
full time nurse.
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